The Interior Castle The Interior Castle

Contains some rarely heard selections from the past, as well as some familiar classics ----- all with rich harmonies and beautiful orchestrations.

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Holy God We Praise Thy Name

I Am With You Always

Mother At Your Feet Is Kneeling



1. I Am with You Always
(Mazzei Family) © 1989 Mazzei

2. Maria Immacolata
(Arr. Mazzei Family/Trad.)

3. Mother at Your Feet is Kneeling
(Sister S.C.) © The Boston Music Co.

4. O Maria Quanto Sei Bella
(Arr. Mazzei Family/Trad.)

5. Come Amici
(Mazzei Family) © 1983 Mazzei

6. Dona Nobis Pacem
(Arr. Mazzei Family/Trad.)

7. Hail Holy Queen
(Arr. Mazzei Family/Trad.)

8. Regina Coeli
(Arr. Mazzei Family/Trad.)

9. Ave Maria
(Schubert/Arr. Mazzei Family)

10. The Children's Prayer
(Arr. Mazzei Family/Public Domain)

11. Gloria
(Mazzei Family) © 1978 Mazzei

12. Joyful, Joyful
(Beethoven/Arr. Mazzei Family)

13. Spiritu
(Mazzei Family) © 1988 Mazzei

14. Holy God We Praise Thy Name
(Arr. Mazzei Family/Trad.)

15. Immacolata
(Arr. Mazzei Family/Trad.)